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Jan 27, 2007

Phish Friday | Big Cypress Archives

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Sorry again for yesterday's non-posting of the usual Phish Friday. We've got some ideas in house to get some queued up and start getting submissions taken -- might I suggest some YouSendIt links -- for future use and/or jammage.

On today's version of Phish Friday, I thought it'd be fitting to dip into some of the archives we've already laid down on the blog. Specifically, back a year ago or so...I ended up podcasting all 15 discs of Phish's New Year's Eve 2000 Millennium Celebration down on Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation in southern Florida.

Unfortunately, I was not in attendence for this. Not that I'm complaining. I was on Waikiki Beach celebrating the turn of the millennium and having the fun of my life there, really just the same as most of the 85,000 or so that were in attendence for Phish's Big Cypress concert. I remember reading the setlist when I got home, though. And I remember my jaw dropping hard...

Here are the podcasts I did along with what I probably remember most about each disc. These got some serious play after some nice soul B&P'd for this for me. What a community.

  • Phish, December 30, 1999 (3 sets)
  • Big Cypress #01 [mp3] -- "Light Up or Leave Me Alone" (with a great, great jam at the end of that)
  • Big Cypress #02 [mp3] -- "Character Zero" (it was good they got this out of the way early)
  • Big Cypress #03 [mp3] -- "Tweezer" (I seem to remember this having a nice flow to it)
  • Big Cypress #04 [mp3] -- "Run Like An Antelope" (definitely a good version)
  • Big Cypress #05 [mp3] -- "When the Circus Comes" (I always love this one)

  • Phish, December 31, 1999 (2 sets, midnight-sunrise)
  • Big Cypress #06 [mp3] -- "Roggae" (I always loved this song)
  • Big Cypress #07 [mp3] -- "After Midnight" (wins award for most relevant cover ever)
  • Big Cypress #08 [mp3] -- "Down with Disease" (with insane fireworks jam)
  • Big Cypress #09 [mp3] -- "Trey's Message of Peace" (with the 30-minute "Rock & Roll" a close second)
  • Big Cypress #10 [mp3] -- "You Enjoy Myself" (I'm hungry for cheesecake all of a sudden)
  • Big Cypress #11 [mp3] -- "Quadrophonic Topplings" (whatever the hell that means)
  • Big Cypress #12 [mp3] -- "David Bowie" (always a solid pick here)
  • Big Cypress #13 [mp3] -- "Drowned > After Midnight reprise" (yep, it's awesome)
  • Big Cypress #14 [mp3] -- "Lawn Boy" (Page at his finest)
  • Big Cypress #15 [mp3] -- "2001" (surprising that it came this late)

Try to gobble these up and download them while you can. And definitely leave some comments if you went and you remember how sweet it was. It's always good to have some context while re-listening to these.

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This is so funny, Justin, because if you look at my comment from the Dave post, you'll see I got hooked on this site because of your hosting of Cypress. Kinda ironic...thanks again.

Posted by: EJ | January 27, 2007 11:24 PM

Oh I was there and it was grand! This marked the end of a very cathartic run of shows as I saw almost all of the stateside shows from 96-00... And this was indeed the culmination of them all. Hands down the best concert going experience that I have ever had. Period. No question.

Drove down from the northeast in a caravan of 5 cars and 21 peeps. We stopped off briefly at a friend's place in Jupiter Beach and then headed out aligator alley to hit up the show. When we got there traffic was stopped out on the highway, but we were only about 300 yards from the exit and were able to get moving with the first wave. Some of my friends had a hellacious time getting in (12 hours in line...) but we were set up by 10 in the morning on the first day and ready to kick it... I was lucky enough to get a pass from a friend who works with the band. I photographed and recorded the event for a project so I regularly go back to those for the memories. And what memories they are! One of which was that continuos bizzaro time agent show put on in the main part of the town that I kept seeing. Also loved the enchanted forest where we set up our magic steel ball and took pictures of everyone in it... And the body painting tent where we convinced a friend of ours to get herself painted... We heard the soundcheck the night before and it set the mood. By that point, everyone I was planning on meeting was in the festival grounds and I spent all night going from car to car and tent to tent reconnecting with all the kids I used to travel with and the ones that I still saw on tour. We stayed up through sunrise and toasted the coming of what we knew would be the greatest two days of Phish ever. I won't go over the setlist, as you all know them already, but the first day was full of some gems that I wanted to see plus Big Jim made an appearence on stage in the first set. We left the first day pretty fufilled but knowing that it was just getting underway. We were able to get some zzzzs that night and woke up pretty early to make a trek across the grounds and surprise some friends with breakfast. The entire time, I had this nervous energy about me and couldn't quite keep myself together. So obviously, I was one of the first people through the gates on NYE(didn't sprint to the front row) and got up about 20 people back just in front of the soundboard and slightly to the left. We set up a few blankets and proceeded to hold ground until more people came in. I had already given my decks to a friend with a mic set up, so I checked in with him and started the wait for the first set. Which finally came a few hours later and was just the right thing to get us going. Bitch, Tube, Punch, Melt > Catapult and of course the After Midnight cover that Justin posted. Wow! Everyone there could feel the electricity and knew that after midnight things were going to get down like never before. Most of my friends headed out between sets but a few of us just couldn't leave the vibe inside and parked it on our setup. I quickly went backstage to grab some champagne and ran into a buddy from St. Louis who had a platter of shrimp cocktail with him. We took that and a few bottles of champagne and went to our camp for a nice little appetizer meal. Slowly it started to fill back up again and by 11:30 the place was packed with anticipation and everyone was read to rock. Then the stage lit up and a little motorized guy on a bike started to peddle for time and everything started going. The hotdog rolled by, meatstick was played, the countdown hit zero, auld lang syne rang out followed by a thunderous disease with fireworks gallore. At the time I had been to all the NYE shows from 95 until then and this was the best NYE hit that I saw. After that the guys proceed to play until sunrise with a killer bathtub, crazy crosseyed, rock and roll, yem, reba, bowie, slave, drowned, roses, 2001 (thanks for the Harry tease... I may be only one of a handful that would have wanted to hear harry twice) and of course the meatstick closer with here comes the sun rolling out over the PA when it was all said and done.

Afterwards I was drained. Having slept only a few hours the entire time and not sitting once during the epic show I think I owed it to myself to take a seat. Which is exactly what I did.

We left late that night and all headed back to Jupiter Beach for a few days of sitting in the sand by the sea and chilling out. Absolute bliss...

Posted by: nojorising | January 29, 2007 8:07 PM


It's all been downhill since i was at BC. Kind of depressing that I'll never achieve such concert heights as I did at that festival. The boys should have walked away after that show.

Posted by: Ryan - Freshbread | January 30, 2007 1:17 PM

I don't think it was just the same as Waikiki, although I'm sure you had an awesome time.

I was at this show, up reasonably close like nojorising. During the Disease several hundred massive balls rolled onto the crowd coupled with the 4+ minutes of insane firewords, Phish definitely didn't hold back on throwing everything they could at us. Spent the first 15 minutes of disease keeping balls off of our crew there until the floated farther and farther back. I couldn't say how long the Disease was, but felt like 30+ minutes of us trying to get our flooring down beneath us.

What a generous group of musicians and people the entire Phish crew is. They made 120K+ people have some of the best memories of their lives and I can't imagine after all the party favors and costs they pulled together that they even made a penny.

I have the full 7+ hour video on multicamera DVD of the show, with some of the very good PRO SHOT stuff. Definitely takes me back to a very happy place.

Phish has some AWESOME shows in 2000, so I don't think it was downhill after that but no question there was nothing, and will be nothing like this ever again. Just that it was 12/31/1999 made everyone excited to be there.

Posted by: Mike | February 4, 2007 9:51 AM

Hey Mike, would you be willing to share that video you have....I'd be real interested if you are?

Posted by: EJ | February 4, 2007 10:41 AM

They're DVD9's so they take a bit of time to make. e-mail me at allmyjunkmail((at))austin.rr.com

Posted by: Mike | February 4, 2007 1:52 PM

Just shot you an email, mike.

Posted by: EJ | February 4, 2007 10:04 PM

Justin, may karma lay a thousands soft kisses on your soul. I just found this archive and bookmarked it immediately. I went down to Big Cypress without knowing who Phish was, and had the most beautiful and inspiring experience of my life. I plan on downloading some of the sets, so i hope that they will remain here for a little while. Once again, you brought tears to my eyes.....seriously.

Posted by: KnoxD | March 9, 2007 12:04 PM

KnoxD...in case you wanna find a good stream for the Cypress shows:



Posted by: EJ | March 10, 2007 11:41 AM


Posted by: Glennard | March 17, 2007 7:29 PM

Just thought you should know that Water in the Sky comes before Light Up or Leave Me Alone... Anyway, thanks for the gems, every fan needs to listen to BIg Cypress...The ultimate music experience...

Posted by: Phan4Life | January 22, 2008 9:26 AM

everytime i hear water in the sky i get goosebumps.thank you so much had this show and it was stolen.best show ever!!!!

Posted by: andy thomas | March 11, 2008 2:04 AM

everytime i hear water in the sky i get goosebumps.thank you so much had this show and it was stolen.best show ever!!!!

Posted by: andy thomas | March 11, 2008 2:04 AM

Yo...great job posting and podcasting these shows...I was there, I think. Spent 14 hours looking at Alligators on the side of the highway, and then 4 days without sleep dancing the the biggest drum circle I've ever seen in the middle of the woods, and for some reason, all everyone talked about all weekend was cheesecake (listen to the YEM vocal). One of the greatest times of my life. Small problem though, I used to have copies of Shapiro's FM Archives Show he broadcasted the weekend of Big Cypress. Nobody anywhere has a copy of this broadcast. First Reba ever from 89, an awesome Destiny Unbound, and the funniest soundcheck ever from 9/22/99 Las Cruces, NM (Read up on "THe Aggie Song", where TRey calls Fishman a jew, absolutely hilarious. I would let Fee slice my nipple to get my hands on these broadcasts, so if anyone comes across BIG Cypress FM Archives Show, holla.

Posted by: Dirty Wookie | March 15, 2008 2:26 PM

Here ya go:

12-29 Broadcast--> http://tela.sugarmegs.org/_asxtela/ph1999-12-29radio.asx

13-31 Broadcast-->

Posted by: EJ | March 16, 2008 11:51 AM

I've never been to a Phish concert, although I'm a huge Phish fan. This show was crucial, a friend of mine had put it on 6 CDs for me, long time ago. And... it was stolen! So very nice to have it here, starting donwload in a sec. Thank's a lot!

Posted by: Flávio Carrara | September 4, 2008 8:52 AM

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